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Making the wise decision to move forward with your kitchen remodeling service needs is an important one to make.

There is no reason to settle for less than the best and part of having the home of your dreams is making sure you love every last detail!

kitchen remodeling
bathroom remodeling

When you realize that you are in need of a professional bathroom remodeling service, you need to feel confident that you choose a contractor that can deliver 100% customer satisfaction. This is why so many people choose JC Painting & Remodeling, LLC for this and plenty of other projects around their home.

There is nothing like a nice coat of paint to make a room, a house, or any space come alive. But a paint job is only as good as the painter doing it!

Our high reviews and positive recommendations from our clients are proof that they are always satisfied with our work. We do all kinds of paint jobs from small apartments to large luxury homes. 

Interior painting
Hardwood flooring

One of the most exciting details of making choices about your home is picking out just the right flooring to complete the look. Of course, making the decision to work with JC Painting & Remodeling, LLC to get the job done is a great choice as both a smart homeowner and a savvy consumer.

By adding wallpaper to any room, whether it's just 1 wall or all four walls, you'll be able to make a statement. 

Wallpapers don't just vary in colors, shades, or patterns they also vary in texture. Why not express your personality with the wallpaper of your choice?

And if you currently have wallpaper installed but feel like a change is needed, then we can get it removed. 

Cabinet spray painting

If you're trying to give your kitchen a fresh new look, then cabinet spray painting is the answer. There's no need to go through the hassle of installing new cabinets that can be much more expensive and way more time consuming. This way you can keep the same original look, with a cleaner and modern aspect. 

Not everyone is apt to do carpentry. Finish carpentry is meant to transform an interior space by giving it the final touches to baseboards, door trims, wainscoting, etc. But if it were to fall into the wrong hands... let's not even go there. JC Painting & Remodeling, LLC counts with precise craftsmanship and has a good eye for interior design ideas.

Finish carpentry

If drywall is installed by someone who lacks experience it will definitely show in the end results. This will lower your home's value. So leave drywall installation to us.  We'll do the job right the first time around. 

Adding Epoxy to garage floors provides protection to the concrete. It's easy to maintain the floors in case there was a spill. Any kind of spill whether it's a water spill, an oil pill, or a chemical spill you don't have to worry about a stain being left behind. Overall, adding epoxy to your floors will boost your aesthetic value. 

Drywall installation
Deck refinishing

Ideally decks should be refinished every two to three years. This is important as it will help protect the wood and prolong its life. 

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